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About Us

We specialize in Core, Dynamic Strength, and Cardio Conditioning for men and women of all fitness levels!

Canyon Creek Fitness is a down-to-earth, rock-solid program. We keep our moves very basic, while simultaneously varying the format in order to keep workouts interesting.  

If you love being outside, and enjoy using the environment as your fitness playground, you will love this program. We have an amazing group of men and women who attend our classes. They will WELCOME you!  Modified exercises help beginners work into the intensity. Amplifications help push those that are already fit and seeking a challenge. Thus, whether you are just starting out, or drive yourself at an advanced level, our aim is to meet you where you are and give you a

great full body workout.

Check out the class descriptions, and schedule, and register today!

At Canyon Creek Fitness our goal is to give you one of the

best possible ways to kick off your day
…while getting fit and having fun doing it.

In order to attend a class, you must
register online
Hope to see you some morning soon!

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