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Kick off your day Strong

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We specialize in Core, Dynamic Strength, and Cardio Conditioning for men and women of all fitness levels. Canyon Creek Fitness is a down-to-earth, rock-solid program. We keep our moves very basic, while simultaneously varying the format in order to keep workouts interesting....

April Session:
 April 1st - April 30th 
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Spring is a time of growth and renewal. Why not get your body in on the act?

This month only we're offering a gift to our community: all participants  who show up for at least 10 classes get the entire month FREE

As trainers we've felt radically blessed by the goodness that has come our way through this community. We wanted to give back by offering a month FREE. Sure, we tacked on the "show up to earn it incentive", but if  you thinkg about it, that's a gift too. Getting in a regular routine with your workouts is the only way to see results.

Know that you don't have to be advanced to do CynCrkFit workouts. We will meet you where you are. Your job is to show up and push yourself out of YOUR comfort zone. When you do, you'll find you have a spring in your step and a mind cleared to tackle the day. 

No matter what month it is, your 1st 2 classes at CynCrkFit are always free. We want you to have the opportunity to assess if we're a fit for you. Though we don't charge for trial classes, we do require you to register or email before attending. Click on those links to jump in!
What we do at CynCrkFIT...

What Bootcampers

say about WHY they choose to
Get Up and Get Fit?

"Love the workouts, good balance of cardio blended with weights; no judgements as to abilities. Encouraged to push yourself, but mindful of injuries with modifications avaialable."

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