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Meet our Trainers

This team has a passion for health and fitness and for bringing it to you. We have our own journeys that brought us to this place. Our passion is to teach, continue to train with our mentors, and pass our knowledge and training to you.

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Amy Hart

Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer


My path to leading Canyon Creek Fitness began in Jr. High. It's then that I discovered that unlike most people, I LOVED running long distances. From that point into my early 30’s, running was my go-to activity for fitness. On occasion however, I would join a gym. For me, the cardio equipment was a draw, but I found workouts indoors, in place could be a grind. Thus, I tried several fitness classes. The classes weren't really a fit. They seemed to take an inordinate amount of time, and I never experienced significant positive results. This often led me back to the basics of running. And as much as I love a good run, when running is all you do, it can lead to boredom, be too dependent on the weather, and also impart too much pounding on the body.

All that changed when a friend invited me to Canyon Creek Fitness. When I first tried Canyon Creek Fitness, I admit the extra early start and something as basic as a pushup were both major struggles for me. However, I also noticed these benefits right from the very start:


  1. I could get a GREAT workout in in a comparatively short amount of time

  2. Consistently working out became EASY – very few conflicts at 5:30

  3. I LOVED being outdoors for workouts, but appreciated how CynCrkFit had indoor options so that rainy or extra cold weather wouldn’t lead me to miss a day

  4. I was building and toning muscle and actually seeing results for the first time in my life and this was in my late 30’s

  5. Though our time spent stretching is small, this was still a vast improvement over what I was doing on my own. Since CynCrkFit, I’m significantly more flexible than I was prior.

  6. The friendships strengthened, and new ones formed have been more priceless to me than any of the fitness advances achieved. CynCrkFit is a place of true community.


In 2013 when Carla became owner of CynCrkFit, she needed a support trainer, and I approached her about being that trainer. I went through the CPT program at the Cooper Institute because I wanted the best possible education to inform and guide me as I stepped into this role. I value greatly what I learned through Cooper and also what I have continued to learn through other accredited fitness education agencies. Even more valuable still has been Carla’s mentorship.

I’m excited now to be owner of CynCrkFit. It's genuinely a privilege for me to pass some of that same JOY that God has given me through exercise on to others (including to many who declare they HATE exercise but LOVE CynCrkFit!...which of course is attributable to the true community and quality people who show up to sweat it out together!)

Carla Getz

Cooper Institute Certified Personal Trainer

I grew up here in Richardson and was a total tomboy. I have always enjoyed being active. As a young girl, I could usually be found throwing the football or exploring in the creek with my twin brother and his friends. I tried several different sports in elementary school, including soccer, basketball and softball. At North Junior High, I settled on volleyball and track. I loved playing volleyball but was a more natural runner, so I focused on track at Pearce High School, running the quarter & mile relay. So fun!!

I continued to enjoy running, working out at the gym and aerobic classes through college and early marriage. It became a challenge to fit exercise into the schedule when I began teaching full time & doing youth ministry alongside my husband. I was even more inconsistent after I had 5 children in nine years! Fortunately, I was able to squeeze in enough exercise to stay in some kind of shape.

I met Renada Diller Addington, the previous owner of CCF, in 2008 through our boys at school & was invited by a friend to try out her boot camp. I did one session & loved the workouts, but could not commit to the early morning hour! I continued to run & workout at a gym on my own.

In the spring of 2011, I went to the Cooper Institute in Dallas and earned my personal trainer certification. I loved the idea of helping people get fit & healthy. I assisted Renada for 2 years and had the opportunity to purchase the business in 2013 when she moved out of Richardson. I am so grateful for the years of mentoring & training she gave me!

I continued the vision & purpose of CCFitness, bringing health and fitness to our community for 5 years, and in 2018, I was blessed to pass that role on to Amy. I'm still involved in Canyon Creek fitness leading classes 2-3 times a week and working out with this great group when my schedule allows.

My heart is to encourage everyone to find health, fitness – and understand their great value. YOU are irreplaceable and your health is important to your mission here on earth!  Take care of your temple!  Your health is vitally important to your family!
My hope is that I can help YOU meet YOUR goals!  I guarantee you will be challenged!

WELCOME! Stephanie Davenport

ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor


Stephanie Davenport is the newest member of the Canyon Creek Fitness team of trainers.  She's an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, who brings her own creativity, spunk and strength to leading our groups.

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