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When asked WHY CynCrk Fit, you said...

In late 2018 clients were asked to respond to a short survey to give us feedback as to how we could get better and help clients reach their fitness goals. Below are the responses received to the question: "What are your specific reasons for regularly working out with Canyon Creek Fitness?"

  • It started as a way to lose some weight and stay in shape with a group of friends that would help inspire me to stick with it. I tried to do solo workouts for years and never stuck with it. The group workouts keep me motivated and accountable so much so that I can't imagine my weekly routine without it.


  • Turn back aging!😂 overall health, emotional health, sweating, variety.


  • Get Outside, Be Active and Be with great people!


  • Fitness, mood, cardio and weight in 45 mins, good instruction


  • Great total body workout with a wonderful trainer that is close to home. I do better in a class taught environment.


  • I need to work out for weight management, health,etc but the reason I have stayed with CCF for so long is the friendships and bonds with the women. They are precious friends that I would not have or would never see if it were not for CCF. God has blessed me with relationships and even summer Bible Study through this group. I will be forever grateful for this group of precious women.

  • Like combination of strength and cardio workout. Great friends.


  • To stay healthy and strong.


  • Want to keep fit from a cardio and core standpoint. Love the accountability with others and like the variety of workouts and challenges


  • Keeps me accountable and committed.


  • Love the workouts, good balance of cardio blended with weights, no judgment as to abilities, encouraged to push yourself, but be mindful of injuries with modifications available!


  • Community, a compact and effective workout, mood elevation, health benefits, variety and challenge. Also able to modify around injuries

  • because my wife makes me come to her class


  • Great OUTDOOR workout (I would never do weight training on my own)! Love the convenience and sense of community.


  • Great workouts and accountability.


  • Health and accountability


  • I really like that I can just show up and workout. I don't have to think about planning a work out on a regular basis. It really helps me to stay consistent


  • It is convenient, the comradery, getting it accomplished in the early morning hours and being outside! Along with super friendly, encouraging and challenging fitness leaders


  • close to home, usually outdoors, fun & welcoming group, love the variety, can workout at your own level. I look forward to it!

  • Community and a great workout!

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