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Fees & Policies


Monthly Session:   $60

Punch Card:           $80 for 10 Classes

Drop Ins:                $10

***Punch Cards can be used for up to 3 months.  Cards are kept in a notebook and look like a personalized sign-in sheet. The trainer will sign you in on your sheet before class.


Prorated Sessions:
If you start attending in the middle of a session, the prorated cost is $6 per class for the remaining number of classes (3 classes per week) for that month. Otherwise, a Punch Card or Drop In rates apply.

Do not let cost hold you back from finding health and getting fit.  We have a sliding scale for those who ask!   Have you recently lost a job, or experienced a similar temporary situation where funds are extremely tight? Your health is so important to your ability to contribute to your family, friends, your job – and to feel great. I feel God has blessed me more than words can convey. I would genuinely appreciate the chance to pass on that blessing.  Ask about a scholarship.


Required Forms and Waivers:

In order to participate, all forms, including online registration, PAR-Q, Emergency Contact, and Consent & Liability must be completed.
Returning clients must register online for each session, however they do not have to complete a new PAR-Q or Consent & Liability forms unless it's been more than 1 year. 

Inclement Weather:
When the weather is questionable, our policy is to pull the class inside for rain or a strong chance of rain. We also pull classes inside when temperatures drop below 40 degrees. Once enrolled in the class, you can also opt to sign up for the Remind text notifications in order to receive communication about location changes due to inclement weather. If weather is questionable on the first day you would like to try, register for the class before attending and we can reach out to you about potential location changes.

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