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What to Bring...

Please bring the following items to class. 

  • A mat (1/2 – 1″ thick) to protect your back. Not too thin or it will blow away!

  • 1 or 2 sets of dumbbells (many women start with 5, 8, or 10 lbs dumbbells; many men start with 12,15, or 20 lbs sets)

  • Water

  • A hand towel

  • Good supportive shoes!

  • Completed PAR-Q, and Consent & Liability forms (Registration form is completed online and thus not necessary to bring)


Mats and weights can be purchased at Sporting Goods stores like Academy or Dicks, and also at places like Walmart or Target. If you are not sure of the right size dumbbells to purchase, we often have an extra set or 2 available for you to tryout at your first workout.


Links: Par-Q and Consent and Liability forms

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